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Extended Family Funeral Plan

Don't leave your loved ones in financial difficulties!  

Traditional Family Funeral Plan
1 + 5 Added Members
1 + 9 Added Members
1 + 13 Members
Underwritten by : GENLIFE
R10,000 Burial Society Plan have a 6 Months Waiting Period!
R12,500 Burial Society Plan have a 9 Months Waiting Period!


Paying your Family an Income for 6 Months! Underwritten by GENLIFE

18-65 Years of Age

R9,000 : 6 X R1,500 Per Month paid to the Family when the Principal Member die. R35.00 Per Month

R18,000 : 6 X R3,000 Per Month paid to the Family when the Principal Member die. R60.00 Per Month  

Accidental Death Benefit
Pay Up To R30,000 to your Family if the Principal Member Dies due to an Accident.
Underwritten by GENLIFE
   18-55    Benefit : R30,000.00     Monthly Premium : R28.00 PER MONTH 
56-65    Benefit : R18,000.00    Monthly Premium : R23.00 PER MONTH      
66-70      Benefit : R18,000.00Monthly Premium : R31.00 PER MONTH   
71-75      Benefit : R13,500.00Monthly Premium : R28.00 PER MONTH   

Extended Family Funeral Plan South African Citizens Only!

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